Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 105

Just when you think Spring is coming, snow. But the girls had a great time playing in it.

Day 104

Didn't get anything taken for this day. Spent most of the day in doctor's offices. Lily had an ear infection and Sam had a sinus infection and bronchitis. I had a strep culture done but it was negative. Spent the remainder of the day waiting for prescriptions to be filled.

Day 103

This is the only picture I shot that day. Lily was not feeling well and we ended up taking her to the doctor the next day. She was snuggling with Daddy and watching a movie on the portable DVD player.

Day 102

Lily was trying her hand at water coloring. She had a great time, although I did not enjoy cleaning up the mess, but I guess it was worth it.

Day 101

We had a pretty nice afternoon and the girls were dying to get outside. Here are just a few quick shot. Again, nothing special but I at least used my camera!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 100

Sisters. Is there anything better than that.

Day 99

Lily loves purses. Anything she can pull over her arm or shoulder and away she goes. This one turned out kind of interesting with the blur around her. It reminds me of how she is always on the go.

Day 98

Some days it's all I can do just to pull out my camera and try to grab something that I see the kids doing. Lily was walking around with these balloons and having a great time so I tried to get a few pictures. Not spectacular but I at least took a photo.

Day 97

Okay, so I know I got waaaaay behind on posting. I have been taking photos but I just haven't been keeping up on posting them. There have been a couple of days that I've missed but I will attempt to get something put in on those days. For those of you who keep checking back, your patience will hopefully be rewarded.

So this night, I told Sam that he had the girls and that I was taking my camera and I would be back.... sometime. I'm grateful to have such an understanding husband. He even suggested the location which ended up being the city cemetery. It was very peaceful and was just what I needed.