Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 17

I spent the evening out at Farmington Bay bird refuge. I had seen the clouds earlier in the evening and thought there was a chance of a great sunset so I grabbed my camera and headed out. I was not disappointed. I am disappointed in my ability to capture what I see. Sunset pictures are something that I am still trying to figure out. This was one of the best. I need to figure out how to blend two exposures together to get a higher dynamic range. This may be a photo I revisit when I figure that out.

Day 16

This was the day of Sarah's actual birthday. We invited family over for cake and ice cream and had a great time visiting.

Day 15

Part of the reason that I got behind on this project is that we were getting ready for our daughter's first friend birthday party. She had a wonderful time and since pictures of the party were the only thing I took that day, that is what you get.

The theme for the party was based on the new Disney movie Tangled and Sam got an idea from a coworker for a game that we thought went great with that theme. We strung yarn back and forth all around the play room and then tied the kids goody  bags to the other end of the strings. The kids were each given a craft stick and the other end and had to untangle the yarn to get their bag. I think they were a little nervous at first but ended up having a great time.

Not very artistic I know but it's the best I got.

Day 14

An attempt at a long night time exposure. I didn't really like the angle that I had but I was getting cold and almost out of gas in my car so I didn't want to drive to a different location. This is something that will be revisited later.

Day 13

I liked the texture of this weathered post.

Day 12

I am falling behind again so I have to admit I cheated a little bit. I've been missing some days and then taking several photos on others. I promise I will try and do better. Here's what I have for day 12.

This is some oregano that is growing in my garden. I know that is not really remarkable except that it is the middle of January. I have to admire this hardy little plant. The next time I need oregano in my cooking I'll have to remember to just step outside my front door.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11

One of the things that I like about using this lens this way is the very shallow depth of field that I get.

Day 10

Still working on macro. Getting a sharp focus is what is really difficult for me, especially since I have to manually focus with the reverse mount lens.  I'm working on it.

Day 9

I'm falling behind already.  Since it's January and freezing cold outside right now, I'm continuing with a macro theme. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 8

Working on macro photography again. I think I've figured a few things out with my reverse mounted lens. I was making a salad for dinner and got inspired. Can you guess what this is?

Day 7

Sam was giving the girls a ride into bed and I snapped this picture of them. I love the look on Sarah's face as she is gazing up at her Daddy. I thought this looked better in black and white.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6

Still playing with some macro photography. 

Day 5

Just took a picture of some heart lights that we have hanging up for Valentines.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4

I had a very long day and really didn't want to take a photo. All I wanted to do was sit and watch tv so here is the image that I came up with.

Day 3

We were making pizza tonight and Sarah was helping out. What a cute little chef.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2

Just wanted to try this for a photography challenge for holiday food even though the holidays are over. I also wanted to practice getting a good white background and I thought the colors of the candy would show up nicely.  This was with my 50mm lens and I need practice with manual focus.

Day 1

So here goes. I was playing around with some macro photography.  This is one of the noise makers that we got for New Years Eve.  It's not quite what I was hoping for but that's okay.